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Brand: Felo Cod produs: Felo 063 913 06
Felo 063 913 06 Screwdriver Set Slotted/Phillips/PoziDriv®/Torx® 1000V Insulated E-smart 14-PieceE-smart 14 piece interchangeable blade screwdriver set in Strongbox, insulated to 1000V. Blades for slotted, Phillips, PoziDriv®, and Torx® screws with precision cap. Dual-component ergono..
Brand: Felo Cod produs: Felo 020 912 06
Frico® 1000V insulated bit holder for 1/4" bits with dual-component ergonomic handle. Bits for slotted/Phillips/PoziDriv® and Torx® screws. GS tested for safety. Compliant to IEC 60900:2004.Felo 02091206  Bit holder set. Slotted /Philips/Pozi drive/Torx. 1000 volts insulated E Pro 12 pieces...
Brand: Felo Cod produs: Felo 518 125 90
Felo's 500 series Frico screwdrivers are available in standard, heavy duty, and 1000V insulated. This German-made Felo VDE/1000V insulated bit holder offer electricians, professionals and private users safety for electrical work. It has an ergonomic dual-component handle with pleasant soft-grip oute..
Brand: Felo Cod produs: Felo 063 999 01
UNIVERSAL CABINET KEY WITH POCKET CLIP. This eliminates carrying too many cabinet keys. It's a must-have for all Technicians who work with electrical switchgear involving cabinets.7 configurations.Made in GermanyImages are for illustration purposes only...
Brand: Felo Cod produs: Felo 376 041 05
Magazine handle with a ratchet. Fits in every bag. Handle with pleasant soft-grip outer material for highest force transmission. The patented immersible magazine for safe storage, neat arrangement, and easy removal of the bits. With 8 heavy-duty bits, bit holder and bits useable as equipment for pow..
Brand: Felo Cod produs: Felo 057 836 06
The set comprises the following. Colored ring indicating torque range, ergonomically refined design in advanced 2-component- technic, exchangeable blades for the greatest flexibility in all areas of use. Loosening torque 100%, easy adjustment of torque, precise release - indicated by acoustic and me..
Brand: Felo Cod produs: Felo 02073006
Felo Toolbox with bits and Stubby handle (30 pieces) High-Quality bit-set from the brand Felo with ergonomically designed bit-handle "Stubby" of the series Ergonic. Properly sorted and anytime handy in the StrongBox - robust, splash- and dust-protected. The box for heavy-duty operations.Conten..
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