Cutting Equipment

Cutting Equipment

Saw blades, grinding discs, Blades, abrasive pads, Cutting blades, Gardening tools, Router Bits, Chisels & Knives, Hole Cutters, Scissors, 

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Combination flush trim (WS-2710)

Combination flush trim bits have a bearing on both ends of the cutting edge. This configuration allo..


Cordless sheet metal cutter

Excalibur Cordless Sheet Metal Cutting Tool, the latest (GEN3) version with new patented (pending) i..


Utility Knife Auto Loading New

Utility Knife Auto Loading

This Auto loading knife will give years of service. Blades can be removed easily and the the on boar..


Utility Knife Heavy Duty Retractable New

Utility Knife Heavy Duty Retractable

This Heavy duty retractable utility knife holds 5 blades. Built in Twine cutter.  Features a ru..


Double roundover Bit with adjustable cutting length

Roundover bits provide a curved edge to your workpiece and are the most popular type of edge forming..