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19pc Drywall Screw Setter Set

The 2-in-1 Drywall Screw Setter provides double duty functions for speed and convenience. This modul..


3 In 1 Dowel Centres – 8pc Pack

These dowel centres have a bored ID with a machined internal marking point in addition to the exter..


Bar Clamp 24 Inch / 600mm

Lightweight extremely rigid Air Craft grade Aluminium Bar clamp. We offer this finest quality B..


Bar Clamp 36 Inch / 1000mm

Lightweight extremely rigid Air Craft grade Aluminium Bar clamp. We offer this finest quality Bar cl..


Combination flush trim (WS-2710)

Combination flush trim bits have a bearing on both ends of the cutting edge. This configuration allo..


Compact Screw Guide w/7pc 1” Driver Bits

Industry leading innovation. The magnetic screw guide are featured in this convenient set. Als..


Cordless sheet metal cutter

Excalibur Cordless Sheet Metal Cutting Tool, the latest (GEN3) version with new patented (pending) i..


Dowl it Jig Metric Drill Bushing set New

Dowl it Jig Metric Drill Bushing set

The drill bushings are for metric drillings on Dowel jig drill guides. The threaded portion is 1/2 ..


Drill guide -  Standard V  1/8 - 3/8 " New

Drill guide - Standard V 1/8 - 3/8 "

The patented Standard V-DrillGuide® was the first drill guide Big Gator Tools introduced into the ma..


Face Frame clamp set complete

These universal cabinet clamps are designed to eliminate the need for extra length bar clamps when m..


Felo VDE 1000V Insulated Magnetic Bit Holder

Felo's 500 series Frico screwdrivers are available in standard, heavy duty, and 1000V insulated. Thi..


Fibre Cement Shear Head Kit

Excalibur Fibre Cement Shear Head Kit Fits most power drills but best purchased factory fitted and..


Insulated Bit Holder set 1000 Volts Felo

Frico® 1000V insulated bit holder for 1/4" bits with dual-component ergonomic handle. Bits for slot..


Insulated Screw Driver Set

Felo 063 913 06 Screwdriver Set Slotted/Phillips/PoziDriv®/Torx® 1000V Insulated E-smart 14-Piece ..


Leigh Dovetail Bit Set

7 Piece Leigh Dovetail set.  Includes D8-437x8, D8-687, D14-51x8, D18-50x8, 1020x8,1067, ..


Leigh Dovetail Bit Set 6 Piece

6 Piece Leigh set for #D1600 16” Jig. All bits 8mm-shank. 6..


Pro sheet metal cutter with Air motor 4CFM

Excalibur’s Sheet Metal Cutter cuts sheet metal with ease, speed, power and manoeuvrability. Saves ..


Router Bit Table Edge profile Thumbnail and Bead

Professional router bit. 1/2 “ shank Thumbnail and Bead Table Edge Profile with ball bearing. The pr..


Screwdriver Set Slotted/Phillips/PoziDriv/Torx 1000V Insulated E-smart 14-Piece

E-smart 14 piece interchangeable blade screwdriver set in Strongbox, insulated to 1000V. Blades for ..


Self Centre Drill & Drive #10

Industry Leading Innovation Self-Centring Drill & Driver. Always centred. Perfectly aligned pilo..