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19pc Drywall Screw Setter Set

The 2-in-1 Drywall Screw Setter provides double duty functions for speed and convenience. This modul..

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3 In 1 Dowel Centres – 8pc Pack

These dowel centres have a bored ID with a machined internal marking point in addition to the exter..

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Chamfer / Bevel router bit (45 degree)

This chamfer bit is designed to cut a 45-degree angle on your workpiece. Whether you are using the 4..

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Combination flush trim (WS-2710) New

Combination flush trim (WS-2710)

Combination flush trim bits have a bearing on both ends of the cutting edge. This configuration allo..

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Compact Screw Guide w/7pc 1” Driver Bits

Industry leading innovation. The magnetic screw guide are featured in this convenient set. Als..

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Cordless sheet metal cutter

Excalibur Cordless Sheet Metal Cutting Tool, the latest (GEN3) version with new patented (pending) i..

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Fibre Cement Shear Head Kit

Excalibur Fibre Cement Shear Head Kit Fits most power drills but best purchased factory fitted and..

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Insulated Bit Holder set 1000 Volts

Frico® 1000V insulated bit holder for 1/4" bits with dual-component ergonomic handle. Bits for slot..

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Insulated Screw Driver set.

Felo 063 913 06 Screwdriver Set Slotted/Phillips/PoziDriv®/Torx® 1000V Insulated E-smart 14-Piece ..

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Leigh Dovetail bit set

7 Piece Leigh Dovetail set.  Includes D8-437x8, D8-687, D14-51x8, D18-50x8, 1020x8,1067, ..

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Leigh Dovetail bit set 6 piece

6 Piece Leigh set for #D1600 16” Jig. All bits 8mm-shank. 6..

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Magnetic Bit Holder Felo

Felo 518 125 90 Insulated Magnetic Bit Holder 1999 V..

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Pro sheet metal cutter with Air motor 4CFM

Excalibur’s Sheet Metal Cutter cuts sheet metal with ease, speed, power and manoeuvrability. Saves ..

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Router Bit Set 1/2" shank

Combination roundover bit set.Roundovers are by fa..

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Router Bit Table Edge profile Thumbnail and Bead

Professional router bit. 1/2 “ shank Thumbnail and Bead Table Edge Profile with ball bearing. The pr..

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Self Centre Drill & Drive #10 SOLD OUT

Self Centre Drill & Drive #10

Industry Leading Innovation Self-Centring Drill & Driver. Always centred. Perfectly aligned pilo..

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Self-centering Dowelling Jig 6 inch (Model 1100)

The model #1100 is the model that has been so popular over the years. Six permanent drill hole sizes..

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Self-centering Drill & Driver #8

Industry Leading Innovation Self-Centring Drill & Driver. Always centred. Perfectly al..

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Sheet Metal and Fibre Cement Shear Combo Kit

Excalibur Combo Cutter Pack. Includes both, easily interchangeable, sheet metal and Fibre Cement She..

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Sheet Metal Cutting Head Kit

Excalibur Sheet Metal Cutting Head Kit Fits most power drills suitable drills include the following ..

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